Seeing Beauty: LA Edition

Seeing Beauty: LA Edition

I’ll be honest. LA isn’t one of my favorite places in the world, but it makes for the perfect place to be reminded to see beauty everywhere you go. I was able to attend the Yellow Conference, check out some great local businesses and tourist attractions, and discover the cutest little lunch joint all while getting out of my comfort zone!

I was on my way to the Cow Café in Downtown when I happened upon barcito.

In full disclosure, I went the wrong direction, but by the time I realized it on maps, I decided to just finish circling the block to see what else was there. I also honestly wasn’t up for the embarrassment of passing the construction workers at the corner again, and since I was alone, I figured it was the perfect opportunity for a mini exploring session.

Sometimes you can only take a small step in bravery, but you have to start somewhere, right?

I’d seen barcito online but wasn’t sure if it was the menu for me. When I realized I was passing it though, I figured I had to at least check it out.

The heavenly smell from the kitchen was my first reward… and the reason I stayed. My second reward was an enlightening conversation from a manager at Lululemon who told me that the company sent all their store managers to the same conference I was attending. It was great to hear about the autonomy they gave their managers in training the staff and how the values that the conference represented aligned with those of the company.

It turned out that the only waiter was also the bartender and host that afternoon, but the great conversation made the wait go by quickly. They were also quick about getting food out once ordered.

The food. was. Amazing. Granted, I was hungry, but the chicken and rice empanada had the best flavor. It seemed like such a basic dish but whatever seasoning the chef used was on point. The crust was the perfect amount of flaky as well.

I’d meant to order the eggs and hash as my second plate because I’m a hashbrown girl, but their breakfast salad ended up being the perfect backup! I traded the chorizo for ham based on their recommendation, and it was great. I was a little surprised the Brussel sprouts were pulled apart, but it did help make the dish more salad-like, and they were the right amount of crispy, so it worked for me. I still don’t know what the light sauce was, but it was also amazing.

I only had about fifteen to twenty minutes to eat, but it was worth every bite and the trip to barcito. I took some pictures, enjoyed the atmosphere, and reflected on the first half of my day at the conference.

I’m an introvert, but I do actually enjoy talking to interesting people. I just tend to be too nervous to do so. You can bring much more color into your life when you open yourself up to taking those chances though. It doesn’t mean you have to meet your next best friend or find your all-time favorite restaurant. Instead, it could mean letting go of those everyday fears and letting a little more light from the universe into your life.

Can you think of a time when you stepped out of your comfort zone while on vacation and were rewarded for it? I’d love to hear it below!