Season of Purpose

Season of Purpose Bible Study

This spring, I took a chance and ordered the Seasons of SOAP Vol I bible study from Horacio Printing. I’ve been trying to read the Bible from front to back for a long time but find I have to change things up sometimes to get more from it. I do hope to eventually read it all the way through but I’m trying to be more realistic about what really helps me learn. Because I prefer to have a theme, I was really excited to try out the SOAP journal. Yes, I know you can find cheap or free bible studies online, but I’m also a fan of pretty journals and good paper so I was basically a sucker when they went on sale. So far it’s been worth the splurge!

I’d only recently heard about the SOAP method when I purchased this bible study. It seemed like a good way to really dig into the scripture. It stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. Essentially, you’ll read the scripture, dig into what it means to you, decide how you can apply that knowledge to your life, and then pray on it.

The seasons are set up to be completed in two weeks, but it took me about two and a half months. Sad, I know, but honestly I find I focus better when I take the time to really sit down and invest in the moment. A lot of the scriptures ended up aligning perfectly with how I was feeling that day so the Lord, as always, knew what He was doing.

I decided to start with the season of Purpose. You can go in order but you don’t have to. I would suggest reading what the beginning of each season is about, praying on it, and choosing the section that really speaks to you. I was looking for some direction in my life and so Purpose it was.

For me, the season of Purpose, brought up a few key overall themes that could be summed up to:

Stop focusing on what others are doing.

Just be you and follow the Lord.

He will get you through it all when you are ready and willing to take that step.

So be a light. And be selfless.

There were a lot of other good pieces of wisdom in there but overall, getting back to the basics, not being concerned about everything the world puts in front of you to distract you, and praying for clarity on the direction you should take were just SO crucial.

I don’t know about you but I can get caught up focusing on and worrying about things that don’t matter in the big picture. All I really need to do is sit down, pray, and listen. What passions has the Lord placed on my heart? What strengths and gifts has He given me? Where is He trying to lead me?

This season helped me to take that step back and think about those things. It also reminded me of our overall purpose in God and what the scripture reminds us to be wary of and focus on as we take the time to consider our purpose in life.

Have you taken the time to consider your purpose lately? If so, what has that brought up for you or what scriptures have really spoken to you? I’d love to hear more in the comments.