My Rituelle Winter Illuminate Box Review

My Rituelle Winter Unbox.jpg

I’ve been waiting for the chance to try out the My Rituelle subscription box since I learned about it from Julie Skon at the Yellow Conference. I love the idea of a subscription box specifically focused on self-care. Julie notes on the website that she wanted the box to be about “rituals for your mind, body, skin, and heart that don't take up much time but that add beautiful value to your life.” I think a lot of us could attest to not making enough time for self-care in our busy lives. This box is quarterly, so I received it right before Christmas. I ended up waiting a little too long to really dig into it, but I wanted to make sure I did a review before receiving the spring box.

The first thing I really appreciated was the set of cards to guide you through the box. I assume I’m probably not the only person who would’ve needed some additional guidance. If you’re looking to make a self-care spa day out of using the box, each box has a theme for you to get in the right mindset. The only product I didn’t see a card for was an affirmation from Affirmation Addict, but it had instructions on the back. I would actually suggest doing that one first or while you’re enjoying the hot chocolate that was also included in the box.

The second set of items goes along with the affirmation. It included a jade facial roller, said to help with calming inflammation and increasing product penetration into the skin, and a gua sha facial stone, which is supposed to help with releasing tension and draining lymph nodes among other things. I have a gua sha rose quartz tool from True Botanicals, but I haven’t used it yet. I think this was the universe prodding me to check it out. I’m glad it was included since I’ve been curious about the facial tools trend. I just used the jade facial roller for the first time, and I’m in love with the cooling sensation it provided. I’ll probably start using the jade roller once a week with my masking routine to see the results before trying the gua sha facial stone.

My Rituelle Winter Unbox Elements Truffles.jpg

I’m most excited about the body love ritual with turmeric infused dark hot chocolate from Elements Truffles. I LOVE turmeric and have always wanted to try taking it as a supplement to help with inflammation. While pregnant though, I’ve made the decision to avoid taking any adaptogens outside of ginger tea or something similar every once in a while. Until he pops out, I am impatiently waiting to try it! The bag says it has enough for six servings, so I definitely feel like it’s a decent size for you to test it out and see if you really like it.

The next item was palo santo, a wood known for its cleansing energy, and a feather. The card for these items had instructions on how to perform a healing ritual. This is definitely not something I’ve done before. I’m tempted to try it outside, but it’s been so cold. It would definitely be an excellent new ritual to test out, but I’d almost prefer to try it with a few friends. If you already do this as part of your regular routine, I’d love to hear how you got started.

My Rituelle Winter Unbox Priya Apotheca.jpg

The last set of items is another one that I don’t feel comfortable testing while pregnant. It includes a sample set of Priya Apotheca CBD infused skin care products, specifically their eye essence, bliss serum, phyto cream, and beauty nectar tincture. I love my skincare products these days, so I’m a little sad I can’t test them out thoroughly. I will say though that the phyto cream smells fantastic! And that’s with pregnancy nose, so you know it smells good. I also really appreciate the detailed instructions the company provided for each of the items based on your skin type.

Overall, I feel like it’s a really great package, especially if you aren’t pregnant. Julie does a great job of walking you through a ritual for focusing on both your inner and outer self. If you’re trying to focus on self-care this year and can splurge a little, I think the My Rituelle subscription box is a great way to do that and to think of self-care from different perspectives. Also, the Spring Awakening box is currently available! They’ve already revealed the contents, and I’m super excited! I would definitely suggest checking it out!